Day 31: Not Body, But Soul.

After a slight hiatus, due to traveling and other issues, I am back on track with blogging. (Well hopefully at least)

Today, I want to call your attention to an article a friend sent me a little while ago, you can find it here.  The point of the article is to emphasize that we must be thankful for our bodies, but we are not our bodies.  Our bodies are tools that allow us to exist in this world, but we are much deeper, much more than this shell.  Using statistics, the article points out how too many women are unhappy with their bodies, which naturally affects the way we interact with others in this world: our relationships.  But plummeting our own self confidence, we find ourselves not only less comfortable with ourselves, but also our relationships with others.

Our society places so much emphasis on the way we look.  A lot of what I’ve been touching upon so far in this blog has been to appreciate both parts of what I am, as I exist today… in this world.  But this article reminds us what’s most important: what’s inside.

I wish that I could function without a body, that people could look at me and not see this shell that carries who we actually are.  With this in mind, we must be grateful for our bodies, but remind ourselves, just like in the article, that they are not us.  The author writes,

We have beauty within us. You, my body, are a gift; a way that I can channel that infinite beauty into a finite world.

The body is how we get around, but we are much more. And for this I am thankful. As the author ends the article, it is our soul that makes us beautiful.



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