Day 30: The search for imperfection

The search for our own imperfection

The search for our own imperfection

I recently read the following article, where the author writes about how she’s just looking at her body one time, when she realizes that this may be the first time she’s doing so without searching or looking for some kind of imperfection.  She’s appreciating her body, not within a context of trying to change it, but rather with an eye for acceptance. She says that for her it was a combination of yoga and feminism that finally allowed her to come to this place in her life.

I think what stood out for me however, from this article was rather that idea what we are always “searching for imperfection”.  I’m aware that I’ve mentioned this a few times in this blog, but I keep coming back to it.  This idea that no matter where we are, we feel the need to be better, to be more.  As if, I can’t see positive changes in my body, or appreciate what I do love, while I’m simultaneously pointing out what needs to change in order for it to be better. As if we are all on some never ending search for something that isn’t right, something that is imperfect.  Because we “have” to have imperfections that “have” to be changed.

Sigh, I’m so happy that in that article, someone was able to just stare at their own body with appreciation, and I pray that I will get there too.


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