Day 29: Tea, Blankets, Oversized sweaters and SNOW!

winterThe weather here in Jerusalem has taken an evil turn.  Last week I wore sandals in the day and this week it’s cold, rainy, hailing with a chance of snow for Thursday and Friday.  Let’s sum it up by saying it’s miserable outside.

BUT, as the famous song goes:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, 
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Today’s post is all about injecting a little warmth into a cold day.  Aside from accepting the possibility of snow, the song is all about embracing a situation you can’t control.  It might be frightful outside, but inside, we’re going to make it work.

While it’s easy to let the annual “winter depression” get the best of you, this year I’m determined to bring light and warmth from within.  About one year ago, counting down to New Years, I was in one of the worst places in my life.  Ridden and frozen with anxiety and a touch of depression, I let the cold take advantage of me, hallowing me out and finding it’s way to my bones.  It’s been an entire year since those dark moments when the winter began to set in but this year, I’m in a different world.  This year I’m happy.

The best thing about this happiness is that it’s truly from within.  True- there are shit moments, and shit days.  There are moments I want to cry my stupid eyes out and disappear under my duvet.  But these moments will always exist.  We can’t control what goes on around us, but we can control how we perceive it and how we react to it.

There’s still so much unraveling in my life today, but I’m not letting it seep inside me.  And so today, as I snuggle under my blanket, with tea and my laptop, I’m grateful for where I am right now, and loving how I can feel pressures I faced last year, but face them with happiness and warmth on my side- no matter how cold it is outside.  Like they say: LET IT SNOW!


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