Day 27: What we see and what we do

Today, while opening the newspaper, I saw the following headline: “Photoshop law gets scientific backing: Microsoft provides first research proving link between anorexic images in media and fans’ desire to starve themselves.”  You can find the full article here.

An MK- Rachel Adatto fought to ban the use of Photoshop in advertising pictures, because she realized, before the research even, the negative effects it can have on women.

Photoshop creates imaginary perceptions of what women “should” look like or what we are expected to look like, rather than an honest reflection of what we do look like.  That perception forces women to feel like they need to strive to that ideal, rather than embrace themselves and a healthy standard.  Instead of focusing on health, they focus on the reflection in the mirror, which will never beat a fake image of beauty, created on a computer.

There was a viral video that was released a little while ago, where we see the step by step process of a model undergo photoshop.  It should hows unrealistic our body views are. Here’s that video:

I read this article from the daily mail, where the model from the video, Sally Pipper, talks about why she volunteered to make the video.  Looking at her in real life, non-photoshopped pictures: she’s gorgeous.  It’s so sad that our society still needs to push real beauty to such fake limits.

In any case, reading the article this morning did provide me with some hope: that we can begin to shape laws that will help nurture a healthy media.  The research shows us that photos are not just photos: what we see, we want to emulate, and therefore, what are we willing to do to ourselves in order to get there.   The law, passed in Israel in 2012 bans the digital alteration of photos to enhance thinness and bars anorexic models from posing.

Today, I want to say that I love my progress of lowering expectations of what I should be, and fully being happy with myself (Yes, I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately) I’m much more aware of myself right now, and I’m feeling more and more confident. I’ve been reducing guilt of where I think I should be, and I am focusing much more on health and happiness. Hurray.


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