Day 24: Trending Beauty

venusFirst- sorry for the bit of a hiatus in the blog writing. I’ve been feeling a little off this week (an odd spout of nausea) and so I’ve been pressed with time.

Today I want to confront an article I recently stumbled upon: You can find it here.

The artist Anna Utopia Giordano in her work “Venus Project” has reimagined old paintings, with mainly full bodied women, and has transformed their bodies, to what today we would describe today, as beautiful bodies.  Aka, slim and small waisted.

Like it or hate it, think that the bigger girls are more beautiful, or less beautiful, Giordano, through her art, is making a statement about beauty trends.  She’s touching upon societies perceptions of what is a beautiful body.  I can stand in my mirror all day long telling myself I’m beautiful, with 5 pounds or without it, but society has a look, and it has a statement.  Thin is in.  I’m happy that there is a recent trend nowadays to fight this perception, but at the end of the day, we are fighting an uphill battle.  Each generation defines how they see beauty- because beauty is after all- subjective.  And so the trends of how society wants to see our bodies is how we feel pressured to look, because otherwise we can’t be beautiful.  Today we are expected to have big breasts, the hips of a 12 year old boy, a round firm ass, and washboard flat abs/stomach.  Lacking any of those, puts us at a disadvantage in the beauty department, according to society.

Of course, while women, (like model Robyn Lawley, or Lady Gaga’s “Body Revolution“) are trying to fight our current trend, one which puts extreme pressure on women of all sizes to fit within that very narrow mold (because 99% of girls don’t own that body I described above) , we can fight another battle, which I don’t see as so uphill.  That’s the internal battle of acceptance.  That’s accepting what we are and realizing that society’s definition of beauty is subjective and ever changing.   Happiness comes from within, not without.

In the 50’s, Marilyn Monroe’s curvy body was desirable, today it’s not. In 1486, and according to Botticelli, it was full figured, and today, according to Giardano’s work- it’s definitely not.   What will tomorrow bring? Who knows. But my point is, let’s try not to care.

Today- I love my determination to begin the difficult battle to start training for my second half marathon, but my first in Jerusalem.  I love my upper arms today because they felt really strong while I was lifting weights.


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