Day 21: “Let Go And Accept Who You Are”

robynThe quote from today’s title, is thanks to Robyn Lawley, a plus-sized model. (That’s her above) I recently watched a clip from an interview she had with Ellen, where the two discuss body image and acceptance.

Here is the video, have a watch:

A few great quotes from the video to remember:

“You’re not supposed to say you’re comfortable with your body”- Ellen.   It’s as though, no matter how thin we are, how skinny we are, how comfortable we are, our bodies can still be criticized.  We can still lose more weight, we can still tone this or that, and we can therefore never be happy with our bodies- as they are right now.  RUBBISH.  Thanks Ellen for pointing out the horrible flaw in our society.

“Saying you love your body, works.” and “Let go, and accept who you are” – Robyn.  Thanks Robyn.  That’s the point of my blog, and it’s making me happier by the day.

The only thing I took problem with, was at the end she says she’ll never be skinny. (yes, yes she’s ok with that, so hurray for self-esteem) BUT, she’ll never be skinny? Is it just me, or isn’t she already skinny?  Fine, she’s not a size 0, but she’s not big.  I guess it fits into a larger question, of ‘what’s skinny’ and how do we define it?  I mean the girl is 188 cm, how “skinny” can her body be built before she tips over?

In any and all case, Robyn rightly points out that society puts pressure on us to fit into a one dimensional perception of being thin.  By accepting and loving her own body and image, she’s gained massive self confidence, that is evident in her works, seeing as she’s the first “plus size model” (also she says, “Why does there even need to be plus sized models, why not just models of different sized?”) that was shot for Vogue and GQ Australia, plus the first to model for Ralph Lauren.  Not bad Robyn.  Not too shabby.  If we’re going to pluralize our society’s conceptions of sexy and beautiful bodies, at least we have Robyn on the front lines of modeling, and saying on national TV that she loves her body, no matter how it looks.

Today I’m giving extra loving to my knees, that will once again run me through the streets of Jerusalem on a 10k.  (Please feel the love knees!) and I love how now, I’m starting to see, accept and be easy on myself when I look into the mirror. Truth is finally becoming the reflection.


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