Day 20: Food Glorious Food!

A cheese party. The best kind of party.

A cheese party. The best kind of party.

I love food.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I get excited about is coffee and breakfast.  The moment I’m done breakfast, I’m imagining what I’ll eat for lunch.  Once I’ve eaten lunch, the question in my head becomes dinner.  I don’t understand those people who skip breakfast.  Don’t you want to eat breakfast?  Don’t you get hungry? Starving even?  I go to bed excited to eat breakfast!  I fall asleep thinking of what I’ll eat the next day: eggs, toast, yogurt, cereal, shakshuka, omelets, CHEESE. (more on cheese later) Everyday I make at least one recipe from my pintrest food board.  I’m a foodie.  I love making good food, reading recipes, looking at food, tasting good food, going out to restaurants for good food.  But I like crap food too.  I know just as much as anyone that fries in the middle of a drunken night are KEY, burgers the next morning are glorious, salt and vinegar crisps are heaven on earth, chocolate

Picture from my first cheese party. Yes Pesto got involved.

Picture from my first cheese party. Yes, Pesto got involved.

cures any heartbreak and anything with pumpkin attached to it warms you up.  And then there’s cheese.  The saying should be cheese, glorious, cheese. I welcome every and all types of cheeses.  My favorite is just a good ol’ reliable block of cheddar, but I enjoy a good goat cheese, I know that parmesan makes everything better, feta is the perfect mix between salty and refreshing, brie melts in your mouth, Gruyere needs to be savored, Halloumie fried, and cream cheeses

My next dream party.

My next dream party.

spread.  I’m not the only one. Check out this poem/ode to cheese.

The problem with loving food though, is that I love food.  It’s that the more you eat of all those lovely lovely things, the more it plays havoc with your body.  WHY DOES FOOD HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO HEALTH?

Which brings me to my next point: Diets. I hate diets.  They are evil.  Diets suck all the love and fun and deliciousness from food.

So what does a self professed food lover do? She eats, eats well, (then eats some more) then spends the night crying in a guilty state because she’s fat and ate too much.  “But I was lured by the goodness of food! ”

The onions I caramelized today for a caramelized onion sweet potato quiche.  I love watching them wither and darken... mmmmm

The onions I caramelized today for a caramelized onion sweet potato quiche I made for lunch for friends . I love watching them wither and darken… mmmmm

You can imagine I was sick with that.  And so, loving food has also meant finally coming to peace with food.  For me, it’s been a journey.  I can’t imagine life if I deprived myself of one of the things I love the most. Loving food is more than eating for me, it’s special.  Loving food isn’t a comfort issue, it’s not emotional eating.  It’s savouring the good things in life and cooking is a form of creation.  I love that I’m a foodie, that I can appreciate the good things that life has to offer us, and take advantage of it.  Appreciating this about myself, has been difficult.  Before it used to be an omen, now it’s a blessing.  Food brings people together, it heals, it’s fun, it makes people happy, it’s delicious.  But food is also healthy!  And it’s that healthy part that I try my best now to focus on.

However, loving food, also means understanding a few things.  It means understanding proportions, cooking well and smart, indulging when the time comes, and being healthy.  I’m lucky, that as much as I love food, I generally love healthy food.  Most of the food I cook with is amazing for me, and tastes great.  Salads for lunch- which include (obviously) cheese, avocado, and nuts are heaven, stirfries that have delicious veggies on a bed of brown rice are amazing, warm hearty vegetable soups are like a warm blanket and yogurts topped with fruits make the perfect breakfasts.  All these things I love, that I eat within proportions aren’t bad for me.  And so the trick for me to staying healthy while basking in my love of food is eating the right foods, and being consistently creative with them.   And, it also means indulging.  It means that I don’t get frustrated going out with friends to a restaurant and ordering something creamy and cheesy and fattening, because it’s going to taste amazing, and I’m going to appreciate every bite of it.  Maybe I’ll run an extra K that night, or maybe I’ll be careful early on in the day, but it doesn’t mean depriving myself of what I love.

And so, despite accepting, and even loving my love for food now, I understand that it’s also a journey.  Eating without guilt is hard.  But putting that guilt on yourself while depriving oneself is even harder, for the soul and the mind.  I want to love life, and food is part of life.

And so, in an ode to food today, I tip my hat to my taste buds, for appreciating every bite, and I’m embracing my love for food, and guilt free eating!


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