Day 18: Honesty

Today’s post is dedicated to a friend who needs a little reminder on how amazing she is.

Dear Friend,

I know that sometimes you feel like this: (minus the gigantic soccer sized boobs)


And maybe you sometimes wished you looked like this: (that damn skinny bitch with her mini skirt and high heels)



Well, the truth is you look NOTHING like either of those women.  I think you knew that though.

But the best part of it all is that you are eons more beautiful than either of those women.  In fact you are more beautiful than most of the women I’ve ever met in my life.   Minus the fact that you’re one of the coolest people ever, which made me incredibly excited to be your friend, I’ve also always thought you’re gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful, whether you were wearing a frumpy long skirt (do you even? I think I made you get rid of those), sweatpants, or jeans. The ugliest part of you, is that you can even think that there is an ugly side to you.

And so, even if you don’t wear high heels (which really mess up your back) or mini skirts (which are kinda slutty) and even if you don’t have the hips of a 12 year old boy and wear a head covering, you’re still probably just as pretty as any of those girls.  The only one who thinks you’re not- is you.  That’s about it, just you.

And now, inspired by everything YOU’VE said to ME, to make me feel better, I’ll go ahead and EMBRACE it.

You said that I have some of my own skewed body views.

Sometimes, without even looking at myself, I think I look like this:


Yep, you guessed it.  I feel like the girl on the left, and all my friends (including you) look like the girl on the right.

BUT I know it’s NOT true.  I don’t look like that.  In fact, I’m starting to really like my body.  I’m really thinking that any day now, I might be able to love it.  I’ve dragged with me a lot of self hatred throughout my life, but it’s pretty hot in Israel, and I don’t think I need that extra weight.

Let’s let go of comparing ourselves to others, because we’ll never win.  Not because there is any reflection of TRUTH there.  But rather because we judge others much more favourably than ourselves.

So try, at least for one moment to see yourself the way I do.  Look at yourself honestly.  And just yourself.  You are one of the best people I know.  You are opinionated, in the good way, you are smart, you are motivated, you love learning, you’re welcoming and kind, you’re fun, you’re funny, you’re giving.  You know how to wind people up (in the good way), you know how to take a joke, you’re patient, and you’re sincere and thoughtful.  You’re great at listening to me, making me feel better, giving me confidence.  Basically you’re an amazing friend and person.  But you’re gorgeous as well.  You’re skinny, (YES. Maybe not of the skinny bitch kind, but skinny) and beautiful.   I think your husband got lucky.





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