Day 10: A Short Thank You Letter

A little self hugging

A little self hugging

I’ve been writing about my attempt to love and embrace my body and soul now for 9 days, and not one day did I come to a point of being thankful for it.  For saying thank you for everything my body does for me.  I can complain about what I hate, what I feel uncomfortable about, what I want to improve, but I hardly take the time to say thank you.  So here we go, a little love letter for my body.

Dear Body:

Thank you.  Thank you so much for everything you do.  Thank you for the small things: for those cute freckles, for my eyes that carry eyeliner so well, for fingers that can type so so quickly, for your quirky dance moves, for allowing me to so easily slip into bridge pose during yoga. Thank you to my poor feet who carry me for 1 hour as I push 10k, to my ankles that endure the pain of high heels, to my thighs that I shove into jeans, to my scalp that endures the pain of constant ponytails, to the skin around my fingernails that I nervously bite, to my back that’s always crooked as I pour over my research in the library.

But most of all, for the big things: thank you for allowing me to simply walk.  Thank you for allowing me to move my arms, to lift, to smile, to eat, to go to the bathroom, to brush my hair, to go through my everyday life without disabilities.  Dear Body, for everything you’ve done and will do, thank you, I truly appreciate everything.  I know I sometimes complain and whine about what’s wrong with you, but know that I’m trying so hard to love you and every part of you.  But at the end of the day, you are the stone, you are the center, you are what gets me through every day.  You allow me to experience the freedom of dance, the endurance of running, the peace from yoga, the strength from weights, the challenge from sit-ups and the calm of rest.  I can’t promise that I won’t struggle with you, but I promise from here on out, that I’m going to be more thankful for you, each and every part. So thank you, thank you so much.

Love your Soul (me)

For todays challenge, I love the arch in my back.  And my soul: I ran just short of 10k today (9.43) in preparation for a 10k next week, and I believe running is just as much an exercise of the mind as the body, and so today: I’m thankful to my mind for pushing me to continue.  I’m a bit sick (common cold stuff) and I could have easily convinced my body to give up, but I didn’t- I ran a full hour and I’m proud of myself.  I love that I push myself.


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