Day 5: Sometimes it only takes one long long night

Sunrise: rising up over the Jordanian mountains

Sunrise: rising up over the Jordanian mountains

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was gearing up for an all night David Guetta, Steve Angello and Infected Mushroom concert at the lowest point on earth- Masada.  After surviving an 8:00 pm- 8:00 am all night crazy danceathon, then stumbling into a freezing cold shower, then passing out in bed (still shivering) all i could help thinking about was what an epic night it was, and how happy I was.

As we drove home, Masada to Jerusalem, our route runs along the dead sea.  As we all fell exhausted in the car, we watched the sun slowly began to rise from behind the beautiful Jordanian mountains, slightly reflecting on the calm on the sea.  We stopped at a bus stop to take pictures, allowing our breath to be taken away by the beauty.  My smile was not just a reflection of the calm and beauty around me, but also that within me.

Most of my everyday life revolves around research and academic life.  I’m constantly reading news articles and Academic articles.  Sometimes I think I can take myself too seriously.  But, on a night like this, a night dedicated to tailgating at a parking lot in the middle of the desert, drinking cheap rubbing alcohol vodka with pomegranate juice, a night where you are staring into a stage in front of Masada, a night where you dance to the beat of the crazy Guetta music and sing at the top of your lungs just as loud as your friends, a night where you can pass out on the desert floor just to get two minutes of close eye- those are the nights you sometimes need to balance your life and make you love every single second of it.  I love that I can be a serious intellectual person but that I have this wild side of myself where I can let go and just have fun.

And my body? I love my hair.  I know it sounds a bit random, but looking at pictures of the concert last night, I just love that I have dark brown thick hair that curls at the bottom.  It makes for fun swinging when raving at a concert.

To everyone who is following my blog, Shabbat Shalom.

David Guetta performing in Masada. Epic.

David Guetta performing in Masada. Epic.


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