Day 4: Freckles and Friends

fercklesIt’s the end of the week here in Israel, and I’m getting ready to literally dance the entire night away at an all night David Guetta concert at Masada.  From my last post, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to dance the night away… again.

I’m going to try as often as possible to write along with my challenge a reflection on confidence and self-love type stuff but if I’m challenging myself to love myself everyday, I know that not every post will be able to be so in depth.  And so, here is a first post where I’m sticking to just the challenge:

Today, I love my freckles.  My face is especially covered in freckles, but they also speckle my arms and legs.  I’m grateful I have freckles, because I think they keep me looking young.  I don’t remember always loving these little brown dots: at about age 7 or 8 when my sister came back from a business class one year with a make-believe-product called “freckles remover”, I used to dream how I’d look without freckles.  Maybe people aren’t supposed to have freckles?  Then, when I got a bit older, I thought they made me look young and juvenile.  But today, I like them.  I never have to put any makeup on my face, and I think they look cute.

And with me?  I got a lot of really nice feedback from my friends after I emailed them about this blog.  I didn’t know what people would think about it, but I really hope that my friends read this blog, not for me, but for them as well.  I’m so grateful I have such amazing friends in this world, and I know that I’m a great friend.

** Note- even to admit that I’m a good friend was  a little hard for me.  I was hesitant at first to admit it, thinking, “I’m tooting my own horn, yada yada”  Is it still difficult for me to admit I can be a good friend?

New mantra for the night: I’m a good friend. I’m a good friend. I’m a good friend.


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