Day 3: The Freedom of Dance

To dance is to be free

To Dance is to be Free

Last night I invited a group of girls to join me at my flat for a dance party.  I’m not a “dancer” by any means, but there is a sense of complete freedom in dancing.  The reason I did it at my house and with only girls, is that without alcohol or the pressure to impress anyone, we felt as if we could just move our bodies however we wanted to the music, without judgement or any other ulterior reason to move.

dancing on fireDancing is that activity where you feel as if your soul and body are coming  together.  You free yourself from the normal constraints of everyday and “proper” movement and “let it all go” by allowing the body to move in any which way it wants.  It feels as if your insides, your being is just shinning through.  Its freeing!

I’m not the only one who feels like dancing is an act of freedom.  When I searched dancing on pintrest, all the images either had some comment about freeing yourself, or were snapshots of people looking completely free.  What’s more, this idea of freeing “yourself” (your soul) through the body, brings happiness.  I think in some sense, dancing, full force without care, is therapy for the soul and body.

Dance Free

Dance Free

 The moment we feel uncomfortable with our bodies, we can’t move.  We’ve all been that person at a club or party awkwardly moving our hands and shoulders to the beat thinking “I wish I was anywhere but here”.  We aren’t really dancing.  We’re holding back.  Embracing the body is the only way to get the full effect of the freedom of dancing.  

And that’s why I find the comic below hilarious, but also inaccurate.  The top heading shouldn’t “How normal girls dance…” but more like “How girls dance fakely in clubs and music videos” and the bottom, “FREEDOM! HUZZAH!”.  I’m not dancing to find out “where da boyz at” but just for me.  When we embrace the body/soul and free ourselves, it doesn’t matter how we look.   

Me and my friends last night in a nutshell. And that's the fun of it!

Me and my friends last night in a nutshell. And that’s the fun of it!

I love that I’m one of these crazy people who feels as if organizing a Tuesday night dance party is something crucial to their lives.  I love that I’m brave enough to be the first one dancing, without caring how I look, but only to feel the freedom!  In fact, now I’m starting to have a 12:00 lunch dance fiesta, where I blare music and take a few songs to let go and be free.  And I love that about myself.

dancing int he strees

And what do I love about my body?  I want to just give an all together thankful answer of “I love each and every part of my body because it allows me to move” kind of answer, but I feel like I’m cheating my challenge a bit by saying that.  And so, what comes to my mind of what I loved about my body last night, the MVP, is going to have to be my bum!  That’s right, the behind.  I never give enough credit to that part of my body (I’m always fretting about my frontside: breasts and stomach)  The way I can shake my ass, it’s so… well… FUN!  Now, I don’t have a small ass.  I have a nice sized ass. And then when I actually gave it more thought today (debating if I could love my bum or not), I decided I needed to see it in different contexts.  And so I tried on a few skirts and pants just to see how my bum looked. I felt a bit ridiculous having a bit of a “butt fashion show”, but what happened after a few outfits was a bit of a love story.  I liked my bum in quite a few of my clothes, but then in others, I felt that familiar feeling of disgust.  Is my bum that big, I started to think?  Quickly, I snipped my thoughts.  This is supposed to be a construction of self esteem!  And so, I became a bit more neutral and looked at it once more and said, “It’s a bit big, but not too big at all, in fact I like the bigness, it’s round and real.  BUT most importantly, boy can it move!”.  jump dancing




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